Anti Piracy Radar

Sea-Hawk Radar can give early warning by Piracy attack. Photo shows two fast going pirate boats outside East Africa.

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Superior surface detection
If you are looking for superior surface detection for your vessel, a polarimetric radar antenna should be your best choice. The Sea-Hawk radar is your future anti-piracy radar system.

Sea-Hawk polarimetric radars are multi polarized, resulting in far more detailed detection ability than traditional radar systems. Sea-Hawk can detect very small, fast moving objects and would therefore increase your anti-piracy capabilities to a level you could only dream about until recently.


Different targets
These small and fast targets are obviously very different. It could be a skiff with a powerful outboard motor or perhaps a rapid RIB. In what shape the pirates materialize doesn’t matter. They appear on the screen.

Polarization is the key. The size, shape and distance of the moving targets of course reflect the radar signals differently. However, they all generate a wake, which you will easily detect with a Sea Hawk radar, before the target is detected itself.

Weather conditions
Anti-piracy detection is important also in windy conditions. In sea-state 4 or higher, small targets become even more difficult to detect for a standard marine radar. Unlike normal X-band radars, Sea-Hawk still provides detailed and reliable data during wind, storm and rain.

It has been verified that a polarimetric Sea-Hawk radar is able to detect anything on the surface at a much longer distance than a standard navigation radar. The reason for our polarimetric radar’s superior detection ability is the combined utilization of different polarizations (horizontal, vertical and circular), while standard navigation radars only utilize horizontal polarization. Furthermore, we are able to process the background clutter from the antenna, and the turbulence and fluctuations naturally produced by the sea. A small target of two square meters is big enough to be visible in the sea.

In calm weather a vertical polarized antenna is superior for surface detection. The surface echoes are significantly stronger in the vertical plane than in the horizontal plane utilized in ordinary X-band radars. A “combo” polarimetric radar is therefore favorable for your anti-piracy system in all weather conditions, from calm to storm.