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Sea Hawk SHN X12

Sea-Hawk proudly present - SHN X12 Polarimetric radar system. Dual X Band Radar with capability for Small target and Oil spill detection.


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Our detection performance is superior to any standard navigation radar system.

The Sea-Hawk navigation radar sensor SHN X12 can be delivered to your specific needs. The 12' antenna is the Sea-Hawk recommended size for medium to large size vessels.

Sea-Hawk SHN X12 can be installed as a stand-alone system,
and be interfaced to integrated bridge systems.


Important features

  • Top of the range detection performance, also in rough weather conditions
    like white breaking sea and heavy precipitation
  • High performance dynamics (i.e. its ability to detect and follow fast and small
    objects/movements at the same time as detecting large objects)
  • Detection of small, high speed objects (which are "lost" in standard navigation radar systems)
  • Detection of small and/or low reflecting objects on the surface


Sea-Hawk SHN X12 Radar

  • Top of the range detection performance.
  • Super advanced surface detection
  • Small target detection features.
  • Superior radar for Offshore vessels, Ice going vessels, HSC ….
  • Superior radar for Search & Rescue operations
  • Surface detection display for Oil on water, Small targets in the water.
  • Oil spill detection features.
  • Anti Piracy detection radar
  • Ice Berg Detection and tracking
  • Bergy Bits & Growler Detection and tracking
  • Surface detection of the Ice bed.

Approved supplier

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DNV Certificate

Sea-Hawk is proud to announce that our Sea-Hawk SHN X9 and X12 radars are Certified by DNV.