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Recording of Radar image

With the Sea-Hawk "Video Grabber", the Radar image can be recorded and replayed.

The Sea-Hawk Video Grabber is working in the background, and is recording the Radar images every 5th second. The images are stored for 30 days, and can at any time be retrieved by connecting a laptopPC.  The required images can be found by searching date and time.

At the same time as recording, the Video Grabber is sending the images out on the ships net.  If the net is connected to the main office through a remote network, images can be retrieved almost anywhere with a network connection.

The recorded images is a great contribution when it comes to investigating what happened in the hours/minutes prior to an incident.

Click on the link below to see an example of a recording from Bergen Harbour, a busy day in August.


20140819 Bergen harbour _9 minutes


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